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To the NCGR Membership:

April 2, 2018

Re: Response to “Letter to Membership” dated March 22, 2018 (see link in item 19 below)

  1.    On December 29, 2017, Joyce Levine, the NCGR Chair, asked me to make promotional videos in order to generate sales of NCGR’s MP3 files. I declined to do this professional work as it can easily turn into a full time job without compensation, which I cannot afford. I was already donating a significant amount of time and effort to NCGR and the United Astrology Conference (UAC) conference. Instead, I offered to look for a different way to raise money for NCGR with better organized educational offerings with proper marketing. I suggested that I would not mind doing something like that if I was compensated properly. In response to my reasonable suggestion, Joyce Levine brought potential conflict of interest to my attention. As a result of that conversation, we agreed that I would conduct research on how to create an efficient setup that would provide enhanced NCGR educational offerings while raising money without a conflict of interest. Joyce Levine expected me to produce my proposal for the upcoming January 7 board meeting.

  2. On January 2, 2018, I emailed my preliminary proposal to the board. See link:  http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/jan2-expansionofeducationaloffering-preliminaryproposaltotheboard.pdf

  3. While researching on conflict of interest, I determined that (i) NCGR does not have a Conflict of Interest Policy in place or an Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form, which is recommended by the IRS and (ii) NCGR has ongoing conflicts of interest embedded into its board operations but has never addressed it. There are many ways in which a board member can help increase the cash flow for his/ her non-profit entity utilizing contemporary and creative business models without a conflict of interest. These business models are based on various structures utilizing collaboration with for-profit entities. NCGR is already taking advantage of a couple of such collaborative models. My goal was to find another creative way of a collaboration model that would specifically work for educational offerings whether I am involved as a professional or not. The results of my research can be found in my webinar: https://www.astrologyisscience.com/courses/ncgr-bylaws-violation-by-the-ncgr-board-human-rights-related-concern

  4. On January 7, 2018, during the NCGR Board (the “Board”) meeting, the conversation about my ideas to enhance the educational offerings was positive. The Board received my preliminary proposal (see the reference link in item 2 above) and expressed interest in my findings and solutions. I told the Board during the meeting that I was not ready with the full proposal since I was still involved in the process of research and subsequent beta testing of the setup. My plan was to test drive the fundraising model in my own local chapter and then present the working model to the Board as a part of my proposal. The Board then asked me to continue my research and coordinate my efforts with Armand Diaz and Jackie Slevin. Support of my statements are established in the minutes of the January 7, 2018 board meeting, offered in the following link: http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/ncgrboardmeetingminutes-jan72018.pdf

  5. Consequently, I reached out to Jackie Slevin and scheduled February 25, 2018 to go over my proposal. Please find my email communication with Jackie to setup the February 25 meeting: http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/jackie-educationalofferingproposal-review-feb25scheduling.pdf

  6. In the meantime, I started implementing my model within the Long Island Chapter of NCGR (“LINCGR”). LINCGR could not afford either the expensive setup or the salaries of a tech savvy staff to run it. If I had been able to set up my private platform and enable fundraising for the chapter, the chapter could then have taken advantage of a sophisticated educational offering such as this regardless of the number of event attending members, which is typically low for LINCGR as it is a small chapter. This model is called ‘hybrid’ based on a popular hybrid for-profit/nonprofit collaborative models designed to help sustainability of nonprofit operations. Please check out articles on hybrid models at: https://goo.gl/Jyo8ZP. Please also watch my webinar for education on this topic: https://www.astrologyisscience.com/courses/ncgr-bylaws-violation-by-the-ncgr-board-human-rights-related-concern

  7. I explained my plan to my local board members (Daiki Okamoto, Grace Lopez and Maryann Dillinger) and encouraged them to conduct their own research on creative models and platforms. Maria DeSimone, my vice-president relayed to us that she was very busy and not interested in participating in my technological upgrades and implementations for the chapter. Therefore, she was not informed. Daiki Okamoto and Maryann Dillinger supported all my fundraising activities and technological upgrades for the chapter I have implemented over the year successfully. They supported this new plan as well. Grace Lopez objected to the fundraising project; however, her reason for objecting seemed vague and nonspecific. In my capacity as president of the local chapter, I set up and conducted an LINCGR board meeting on January 25, 2018, specifically to address Grace’s objections. A professional CPA was invited to the meeting to address Grace’s IRS related questions. Please find the PDF file of the meeting invite and agenda here: http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/lincgrboardmeetingatnadias-jan25.pdf
    Grace Lopez has not produced the minutes of that meeting; however she created an audio recording of the meeting. By her failure to produce the minutes of the meeting in writing, Grace Lopez has failed to fulfill her duties as LINCGR secretary. If Joyce Levine is interested in details of this particular meeting, Ms. Levine would need to follow up with Ms. Lopez and request the audio recording.

  8. On January 27, 2018, and February 8, 2018, I conducted two hybrid events test driving my model. These events were successful in terms of the proof of work for the hybrid model. The negative cash flow problem of the chapter was resolved. The positive cash flow model independent from the number of the chapter’s attendees was established. I am attaching the records of the LINCGR PayPal and LINCGR Eventbrite activity for January and February as well as my email to Maryann Dillinger. These account statements offer proof of LINCGR’s transparency in recordkeeping:
    Eventbrite https://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/nli_big/eventbritep1.jpg
    Paypal https://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/nli_big/lincgr--paypal-account-activity.jpg
    An accounting email sent to Maryann Dillinger on January 29, 2018, entitled ‘The after math of the workshop’ http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/maryanndillinger-theaftermathoftheworkshop.pdf

  9.  On February 18, 2018, I received an e-mail invite from Joyce Levine to attend a cyber meeting addressed only to Armand Diaz and me with the subject matter labeled: “Publications Meeting”. This meeting invite appeared reasonable as I was active in serving NCGR in several ways, including updating the current NCGR website and participation in discussions about promotions and improvement for educational offerings: http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/publicationsmeeting.pdf

  10. Upon my calling into the February 24, 2018 meeting at 9:30 AM EST, I quickly became aware of a different agenda for this gathering that included an apparent prearrangement for a number of additional participants to attend without disclosing same to me in advance. Comments made by the Board during this conference call meeting revealed a previously undisclosed decision to terminate me from my relationship with NCGR, LINCGR and UAC prior to this February 24, 2018 meeting. No written formal charges were ever presented and I was never interviewed. The Bylaws were violated and a full and proper investigation was never performed. At no time between February 18 and February 24, 2018 did any NCGR Board member contact me to inform me of the real purpose of the conference call.

    - I am currently aware of the following participants on the conference call: Joyce Levine, NCGR Chair, Linda Wilk, NCGR Treasurer, Leigh Westin, NCGR Board Member, Grace Lopez, non-elected LINCGR Board Member (my local chapter), Maryann Dillinger, LINCGR treasurer (my local chapter) and me.

    - During the meeting I was subjected to two (2) hours of relentless grilling in which I felt attacked and harassed. I was told at this time that there were several complaints from my chapter members; however, I was not presented with any proof of that statement. Grace Lopez appeared to be the only complainant. Maryann Dillinger did not claim any complainant status nor did I assume she was. It seemed as if Maryann Dillinger was called to attend this meeting only as a treasurer, and yet she seemed to be very confused about the meeting and chapter finances. In fact, Maryann could neither find records of LINCGR’s PayPal and Eventbrite accounts nor could she remember that the raised funds were already transferred to the Chapter’s accounts. She also could not recall having received the accounting report from me via both email and verbally (see reference in item 8).

    - During the call, I also learned based on comments by Joyce Levine, Linda Wilk, and Leigh Westin that they had invaded my privacy by logging into my private account without my consent.

    - I asked the Board during this conference call, “If you already voted to expel me before this meeting, what is the purpose of this meeting?” They did not give me an answer. There seemed to be no other purpose for the February 24, 2018 meeting except to bully and torture me from what I could see."

  11.  Joyce Levine sent me a list of demands as a follow-up to the February 24, 2018 conference call. This list appears to indicate her lack of performing a thorough investigation of this matter. In fact, she seems confused about what happened. She doesn't appear to want to honor or respect the legal formalities and procedures expected of local and national board members and therefore has exceeded her authority as NCGR National Board Chairperson. http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/feb24-joyceletterofdemands.pdf

  12. On February 24, 2018 following the conference call, Joyce Levine sent a public email to the UAC board members and planning committee with confusing false statements designed to tarnish my reputation. This was done in violation of Robert’s Rules of Order as provided for under Article XII – Rules of Order, where no Board member has a right to publish any statement whatsoever regarding the circumstances of my dismissal. According to Robert’s Rules such violation entitles the expelled member to recover “damages from the officer in a suit for libel”. This email and Joyce’s misleading explanations to the UAC board has resulted in UAC’s breach of contract with me, as a speaker, and a member of the UAC planning committee. I have devoted a significant amount of time and services over the past year for the UAC Conference and, therefore, I am entitled to certain promised rewards. Find the email here http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/feb24-joycelevine-publicemail.pdf

  13. On March 4, 2018, a letter was sent out addressed to Joyce Levine, Linda Wilk, Leigh Westin, Maryann Dillinger and Grace Lopez, and Mr. Armand Diaz, addressing inappropriate and illegal actions they took against me. This was a formal and direct communication to the NCGR Board, as well Maryann Dillinger and Grace Lopez, pointing out the key violations of NCGR Bylaws that the NCGR Board committed. I concluded in the letter that "I wish to resolve this matter on an amicable basis with a mutually agreeable solution...". This was an opportunity afforded to them to acknowledge their violations of the due process and resolve the matter in an expeditious and fair manner. Their response was one to ignore the Board’s mandated responsibilities and proceed down their path of willful ignorance and disrespect of rules, regulations and laws, which is tantamount to abuse of power. Find the Due Process letter here: http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/ncgrdueprocess3.4.18.pdf

  14. On March 10, 2018, I received a response from Joyce Levine to my “March 4, 2018 Due Process” letter. Her response letter was designed to look formal. However, it did not contained a date and there was no address or phone number provided for the alleged attorney, Terri Cohen-Lieberman, Esq. The letter did not address the Due Process violations and did not address an offer to resolve the matter amicably.  The letter was designed to present a defensive posture by twisting facts and not providing proof or support of any of her statements. This lack of professionalism made me believe that there is no point of further reasoning with the NCGR Board.

  15. On March 13, 2018, I sent an email to Joyce Levine and the above mentioned ladies entitled “Educational references and a small request”. The purpose of this email was to educate these ladies about their violations and potentially prevent them to continue their illegal actions, especially defamation and harassment. Please find the pdf file of that email here: http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/mar13-educationalreferencesandasmallrequest.pdf

  16. On March 14, 2018, I held a free webinar titled “NCGR Bylaws Violation by the Board of Directors. Human Rights related concern.” with a purpose of shedding the light on the important issues that have to do with the NCGR Board’s disrespect of law as well as their lack of understanding of IRS regulations. I also outlined my side of the story to the public in an attempt to remedy the public damage that was already done to my reputation by Joyce Levine, again in violation of NCGR’s Bylaws.  Find the recording here: https://www.astrologyisscience.com/courses/ncgr-bylaws-violation-by-the-ncgr-board-human-rights-related-concern

  17. On March 14, 2018, I receive a very odd email from Joyce Levine. It seems to be a clumsy attempt to address NCGR’s Due Process violation without actually admitting it. The lack of understanding of NCGR’s governance procedures is very clear here: http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/march14joyceattemptingtoaddressthedueprocess.pdf

  18. On March 16, 2018, Linda Wilk, NCGR treasurer, attended my local Long Island chapter meeting and publicly harassed me by standing over me while I was sitting down waiting for the lecture to start, leaning into my face with about two inches of separation and making comments to me such as ‘I hope you are not going to cause trouble tonight’. I told her several times to “stay away”. She did not back off until my boyfriend stood up for me and asked her to comply with my wishes. It seemed that her motivation was an act of harassment and not an accident. It was preplanned as Linda Wilk never attends LINCGR meetings. I also noticed a police officer posted outside the meeting room with Linda Wilk repeated going over to talk to him. The Nassau County Police Department posted an officer outside the meeting room, which generally consists of approximately 10-15 women in attendance. It then became apparent to me that Linda Wilk requested the Nassau County Police Department to post an officer ahead of time.

  19. On March 22, 2018, The Elected Board released a ‘Letter to Membership’ filled with false statements, designed to tarnish my reputation, intimidate me and other members from ever raising any legitimate concerns. See the full version  of ‘Letter to Membership’ here: http://iown.website/bx/_files/212images/custom_site_files/lettertomembership-defamation.pdf




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